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Non steroidal hydrogel for effective management of eczema
Rigorous Clinical Studies

EZyma™ is a product that has undergone numerous clinical studies to show its efficacy.


EZyma™ hydrogel: Clinically validated to be effective

Antipruritic hydrogel for the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis: An Open-Label Pilot Study

Zoe Draelos, MD


A 14-day pilot study on 17 adults with mild to moderate atopic dermatitis with associated pruritus demonstrated that treatment with EZyma™ hydrogel could relieve skin itchiness in 82% of study subjects by day 3 post-treatment.  Futhermore, 76% of study subjects also experienced a significant improvement in disease condition based on investigator global assessment.

A New Steroid-Free Regimen for the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis

R. Smith, MD

A second open label pilot study on 15 subjects (aged 7 months to 49 years old) with mild to moderate atopic dermatitis showed that treatment with EZyma™ hydrogel in combination with an emollient could reduce skin itchiness, dryness, redness, burning and pain by 50% or more. Besides, symptoms such as induration, excoriation, erythema, and lichenification reduced by 60% or more. Based on subject satisfaction survey, EZyma™ hydrogel was rated “very good”.

Local Case Studies

A 16 years old female with history of eczema since 6 years old was on regular treatment with topical steroid, emollient and oral antihistamine during episodes of flare-ups.  She claimed that the regular treatment required weeks for the symptoms to resolve.  When EZyma™ was introduced along with the topical steroid, itchiness and rashes were reduced significantly on Day 5 and further improvement was noted on Day 10.  She was satisfied with the application of EZyma™ as it was easy to use and showed satisfactory outcome.

Day 1

Day 5

Day 10

A 26 years old male with known case of eczema was on topical steroid for months. He complained that itchiness was not resolved, and his skin was dry, scaly and thickened. After introducing EZyma™ hydrogel into his regular treatment, his itchiness was significantly reduced. On day 37, the itchiness subsided and the skin showed marked improvement with minimal scaly skin.

Day 1

Day 10

Day 37