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Non steroidal hydrogel for effective management of eczema
Draelos, Z.D., MD (2012) Antipruritic Hydrogel for the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis: An Open Label Pilot Study. Cutis, 90, 97-102
82% users experience rapid itch relief by day 3
Reduces Itch
Reduces Redness
Rashes on the skin quickly becomes red during eczema flares. EZyma™ hydrogel effectively reduces redness.

EZyma™ Hydrogel is able to eliminate infection that occurs on the affected skin without the use of antibiotics, making it suitable for long term management

Antimicrobial Property
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It is very common for babies and children to develop eczema on their faces, but it can also develop on any parts of the body. The symptoms may differ from one child to the other and the most common symptom is itch and redness. Eczema often goes away as the child enters adulthood, but adults may also be plagued even if they never had it in their childhood.

​Learning about the type of eczema and its triggers are good ways to start treating and managing it. Eczema is very common and, in many cases, manageable with the use of right products. Find out today how EZyma™ may help you manage your flare-ups so that eczema does not get in the way of your everyday life.


There are four types of skin infection: Bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic skin infection. Treatment depends on the type of the infection and the severity of the infection. Some types of viral skin infections may improve on their own, which can range from days to weeks. Bacterial infections are often treated with topical antibiotics or oral antibiotics. For more serious infections, intravenous antibiotics may be required which are administered in the hospital.

Fungal skin infection can be treated with over-the-counter anti-fungal sprays and creams. If condition is not improved, prescription of oral or topical creams may be required. For parasitic skin infections, medicated creams are used. In many instances, anti-inflammatory drugs are given too, to reduce discomfort due to local skin inflammation.

EZyma hydrogel has both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it useful to treat minor skin infections. Find out today how EZyma™ may help you manage minor skin infections.

How To Apply EZyma™

Managing Eczema

Clinical Study